Do Hamsters Fart?

Just the other day, I was asking my wife: “Do hamsters fart?”

It may seem like a strange (and weird) question, but by understanding your hammy’s bodily functions, you will be in a better position to provide the best quality of life.

Hamster fart

Can Hamsters Fart?

In short, yes, hamsters can and do fart. However, it is rare for hamsters to pass gas if they are following a proper and strict diet. 

Like us, farting is their body’s natural way to get rid of excess gas. But because hamsters are smaller in size, their bodies do not produce as much gas.

Even if they fart, it is unlikely that you will notice it.

Do Hamster Farts Smell?

Generally, hamster’s farts do not smell.

Personally, I have never heard or smelled a hamster’s fart before. My wife, on the other hand, insisted that she had first-hand experience with her hamster farting during her childhood days. While handling her hamster, she did not hear any farting sound or felt any wind, but there was a pungent smell for a brief period of time.

This led us to believe that a hamster’s diet may play a role in their flatulence.

How Does the Diet Affect Hamsters Fart?

Certain foods, especially foods that are high in fiber, are known to produce more gas as they contain complex carbohydrates that are difficult to break down. Examples of such food include beans, broccoli or cabbage.

Dairy products are also known to produce high amounts of gas. If you feed your hamster cheese or some dairy products, it should not be a major part of their diet.

As long as you provide a proper diet that your hamsters need, you should not worry too much about gas build up in their body.

Can A Fart Kill A Hamster?

No, in fact, farting is the only way they can get rid of the excessive gas in their body since hamsters cannot burp. 

If there is too much gas build up, it will result in bloating – which can potentially be life-threatening for hamsters.

Key Takeaways

  • Hamsters can fart, but you will likely not hear or smell it.
  • Hamsters have a slightly different digestive system from humans.
  • We need to be more careful with their diet to prevent too much gas build up which may result in bloating.
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