Can I Give My Hamster Alcohol?

Once, I had a couple of friends over to hang out and chill. Naturally, we had drinks. One of them suddenly asked if I had ever given my hamster alcohol. 

We laughed, jokingly mentioning that maybe hamsters will like alcohol more than us. But it got me thinking for real: can hamsters actually drink alcohol?

Hamster and Alcohol

Can Hamsters Drink Alcohol?

Surprisingly, yes. Hamsters can drink alcohol and they may prefer it over water.

Research has shown that their livers break down ethanol so quickly that it will never be lethal. Interestingly, they also do not seem to suffer from side-effects such as hangovers. We may never see a hamster drunk. Lucky them!

How Much Alcohol Can A Hamster Drink?

Now, you may be quick to assume that since hamsters are small, they cannot take too much alcohol.

On the contrary, hamsters can consume more alcohol than us! They can tolerate relative quantities that are lethal for humans. In a study shown, hamsters can consume 20g/kg ethanol in a single day. That is equivalent to an adult drinking 21 bottles of wine.

Can I Give My Hamster Alcohol?

Even though hamsters can drink alcohol and hold their liquor very well, I do not recommend giving your hamster alcohol.

The study was done in a lab for research purposes by experts. Afterall, alcohol is diuretic, which means it will make their bodies lose water. This may result in your hamster being dehydrated.

Also, your hamster may have other side effects from drinking alcohol, which I am pretty sure you love your pet more than enough to watch him suffer.

So basically, no beer, no whiskey, no wine for your hammy.

Key Takeaways

  • Hamsters prefer ethanol over water.
  • Their livers break down ethanol so fast that very little alcohol makes it through to their bloodstream.
  • In perspective, a hamster can consume alcohol equivalent to an adult drinking 21 bottles of wine.
  • It is not recommended for you to give your hamster alcohol for safety reasons.
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